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The big themes of financial planning are to invest, insure and to distribute beneficiaries whilst minimizing tax. Through all of the life stages the emphasis on these themes will change. We will provide you with the strategy and the tools to make sensible decisions about investment, insurance and wills to equip you in your journey towards financial well-being.

Insurance, Investment & Wills

life insurance & Disability cover

The ideal for life and disability cover is that for payment of a small premium, an insurance company will pay you a lump sum which after paying your debts is invested to provide you or your dependents with an escalating on-going income similar to your salary.

Severe illness & Temporary Income Protector

Illness cover should provide a certain amount of money, to facilitate your physical and financial recovery caused by the illness. The cover is required only for the duration of the recovery. We advise on the most efficient use of your risk premiums to get a balance between long-term life, disability needs and your limited duration illness cover.

Insurance, Investment & Wills

wills & Estates

In association with our service providers, we draft wills for free and wind-up deceased estates. We ensure the efficient distribution of assets via wills, beneficiary nominations, trusts and letters of wishes.

business assurance

We advise on succession planning for business owners. This often includes advice on the ownership and tax structure of buy-and-sell insurance and key person cover. We also advise on pension and provident funds for employees of our clients' businesses.

Insurance, Investment & Wills

building, contents, vehicle & Liability Insurance

We advise on the ideal cover for loss, accident, theft and natural disasters for your assets. We seek the most efficient indemnity cover to ensure your liability to others for damages you incur negligently.

investing to grow capital

In a complex and risky investment universe, we choose investment funds and provide a strategy to safely accumulate wealth for retirement or other needs. We advise on the most tax-effective investment vehicles.

investing capital to provide income

We meticulously plan the investment of lump sums to provide an escalating income for as long as required. We assist retirees of pension, provident funds and retirement annuities to choose an appropriate annuity, cost-effectively.

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