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We are always refining our skills and approach to suit our clients' individual needs. Typical solutions we offer our clients range from life insurance to business assurance. Incase you would like to procure a specific product or service, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist.
Insurance, Investment & Wills

life insurance & Disability cover

The ideal for life and disability cover is that for payment of a small premium, an insurance company will pay you a lump sum which after paying your debts is invested to provide you or your dependents with an escalating income similar to your salary.

Severe illness, funeral & Temp Income Protector

Should these risks happen to you, insurance should pay you a certain amount for a limited period until you recover. We advise on the right amount for this cover, death and disabilty cover as to ensure affordable long-term premiums.

Insurance, Investment & Wills

wills & Estates

In association with our partners Capital Legacy, we consult and draft wills for free. Capital Legacy is appointed as the executor which ensures that a deceased estate is efficiently administered and beneficiaries received their inheritance timeously.

business assurance

We advise on succession planning for business owners. This often includes advice on the ownership and tax structure of buy-and-sell insurance and key person cover.

Insurance, Investment & Wills

building, vehicle & Liability Insurance

We provide cover for accident, theft and natural disasters for your assets and insure your liability to others for damages they suffer as a result of your negligence.

investing to grow capital

In a complex and risky investment universe we choose investment funds and provide a strategy to safely accumulate wealth for retirement or other needs.

investing capital to provide income

We meticulously and cost-effectively plan the investment of lump sums to provide an escalating income for as long as required, e.g. living and fixed annuities.

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