How Do We Work

Exploratory Meeting

  • At our first contact we explain the services we offer and processes we follow.
  • We actively seek to understand a prospective client's financial position and personal objectives.
  • We agree on the services required, negotiate fees and conclude an advice mandate taking into account a client's ethical and religious requirements.
  • Seek and Record Information

  • We first gather information a client's personal and financial situation, life assurance and objectives.
  • This step requires full disclosure of personal and trust Assets and Liabilities.
  • Mindful of Cash Flow we record personal and trust Income and Expenses.
  • We calculate future capital values and income and expenses.
  • Analysis of Current Position in Relation to Objectives

  • Comparing the actual situation to the client's objectives we highlight Areas of Concern in our needs analysis.
  • We then suggest Possible Courses of Action.
  • This is followed by a Recommended Solution.
  • Implementation and Review

  • If it is advantageous to a client we will amend an Existing Financial Product.
  • Alternatively we might implement a new Financial Product and if required the replacement of an existing product.
  • To ensure that we work towards achieving agreed goals we do either Quarterly, Six Monthly or Annual Reviews.

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