How Do We Help

We Assist Clients to Formulate Personal Goals

  • We implement financial strategies to achieve goals.

When Giving Advice We Simplify Financial, Legal and Tax Issues

  • To enable clear and deliberate decision making we identify relevant information.
  • We clarify trade-offs that many financial institutions offer and we explain long term costs and benefits.
  • We advise on financial strategies appropriate to the current economic environment.
  • When listed companies offer BEE shares we provide advice, personally and online to aspirant investors.

We Implement Planning Opportunities whilst protecting The Client and the Trust

  • There are numerous threats to Trust Structures which require the evaluation of existing structures and the implementation of certain strategies for existing structures.
  • These strategies involve legal, accounting and administrative intervention which we provide independently or in conjunction with our associated professionals.

We Protect the value a Business Owner has created in his enterprise

  • The untimely death, disability or severe illness of a business owner could adversely affect the value of the asset he built up during his lifetime. Insurance owned by the business on the life of the business owner is an essential risk management tool to prevent the depletion in value caused by untimely personal risks.
  • To ensure the sale of a share in a business and to facilitate its continued existence where there are many partners, we advise on methods to value and purchase the shareholding of a deceased partner via a buy and sell agreement funded by Life Assurance.
  • We advise and arrange assurance of key personnel as well as Contingent Liability Assurance.
  • The tax implications of business assurance solutions are carefully considered.